WorkSafeNB Agreement

The NBMS has been working with WorksafeNB for several years and signed the current agreement with the organization effective Oct. 1, 2012. This agreement was struck with the idea that it would continue until such time the parties agree to negotiate a new contract. With this agreement, the WorksafeNB rate is adjusted annually effective Oct. 1, by the “All Items” Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Canada. While this agreement is designed to be ongoing, the agreement is subject to renegotiations should either party make such a request.

There is a provision in the contract which indicates that the rate of adjustment must not exceed the annual CPI, so the parties consider the impact of any FFS negotiated increase and distribution on the WorkSafeNB contract. The contract information for WorksafeNB can be found below, as well as in the Guide to Direct Billing.

Master Agreement
2022 Addendum