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The Learner features information and resources for medical students and residents. It is distributed by the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) on a quarterly basis.

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December 2022 Issue


NBMS President Welcome

Dr. Michèle Michaud, NBMS President

It is an honour to be installed as the President of the New Brunswick Medical Society for 2022-23. For those I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I am a family physician, palliative care physician and hospitalist at the Edmundston Regional Hospital. I grew up in Edmundston and graduated from Université Laval Medical School in 2008. I completed my residency in family medicine in 2010 before being recruited to practise in Edmundston.

I have been active with the NBMS for many years as a member of the Negotiations committee and a member of the NBMS Executive Council. I joined the Board of Directors in 2014 and was nominated as President-Elect in 2021.

There are many challenges and opportunities that will need to be addressed over the next year, and I look forward to working with many of you, as the future of our profession, as well as NBMS staff, government, and other stakeholders to develop a stronger, more effective health system for patients and physicians.

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The Future of Medicine is Bright in New Brunswick

NBMS welcomes first year students to their medical education
Nora Lacey, Chief of Physician and Patient Engagement

The CFMNB MD Class of 2026 receive their NBMS neurological kits on Oct. 6

The NBMS had the pleasure of hosting two receptions for medical learners in October. We celebrated the first-year students at Centre de Formation Médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick (CFMNB) in Moncton on Oct 6 and the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) students in Saint John on Oct 12.

The Future of Medicine receptions are the NBMS’ official welcome to medical education. The events are an opportunity for first- and second-year students to learn about their NBMS membership, meet local physicians and connect with MD Financial/Scotiabank Health+ advisors.

Sara-Maude Boucher, from CFMNB attended the Moncton reception and said, “It was a rewarding evening, well organized, and filled with new encounters. A very beneficial experience for our beginnings in medicine.”

Former NBMS intern, Xuiming Shi, and NBMS CEO Anthony Knight

Attending the Saint John reception was Xiuming Shi, MD Candidate – Class of 2026, DMNB, who worked as a summer intern at the NBMS in 2021. “I am incredibly grateful for the NBMS hosting the Future of Medicine to welcome new medical students. It was moving to see both new and familiar faces of those supporting us as medical learners all in one room, whether it be practicing physicians, the department of health, or of course, the NBMS!”

Second year students from both schools were also invited to attend. Marie-Andrée Giroux, PhD from CFMNB enjoyed the reception, saying “the Future of Medicine event allowed us to meet many physicians from our region and NBMS staff in a friendly atmosphere. This allowed us to discuss the residency programs that interest us, while learning about the crucial role of the NBMS in our future careers as physicians in New Brunswick.”

First year students received their NBMS neurological kits during the reception from then president, Dr. Mark MacMillan. “When I received my neuro kit during the event, it was so much more than receiving tools for examination purposes,” said Ms. Shi. It served as a reminder of the trust and confidence that medical education and other supporters have in me and my fellow classmates, as well as the responsibility I have for patients who will be in my care in the future.

The NBMS has also delivered neurological kits and met with students at the University of Montreal in
November and will meet Memorial University of Newfoundland students in January 2023.

The DMNB MD Class of 2026 receive their NBMS neurological kits on Oct. 12

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Volunteer Opportunities

The importance of contributing to the physician community
Mario Jones, DMNB Student and NBMS Committee member

As a practicing physician and as a medical student, I believe that balance in all parts of my life will be key… I deeply value my volunteer activities and want to make time for them. I plan to practice medicine for a lifetime and to be an outstanding, empathetic physician. I realize that to do this I also need to respect and nourish my own humanity by living a full and rich personal life.

Folks who become physicians tend to be very involved in their communities before medical school. Almost all my classmates have been soccer coaches, community swim leaders, tutors, medical aid support volunteers, and many other community contributor roles. During medical school we get really focused on becoming excellent clinicians. This comes at the expense of the big-picture/ upstream/ public-health activities that motivated us in the first place. I think we all want to contribute to big-picture upstream changes, but it can be hard to know where to begin. NBMS committees are a natural fit and are a community contribution that we can start now and continue for years to come.

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Members in Training Committee

The committee that represents you, the students!
Jennifer Scott Harris, Member Engagement Specialist, NBMS 

The NBMS is excited to be re-establishing the Members in Training Committee. This Committee guides our work on the creation and implementation of programs, services, and events for medical students and residents. The Committee will report its findings and recommended strategic plans as they relate to members in training to the Board of Directors. The committee is comprised of representatives from the medical schools. Members serve a term of one year with a possibility of renewal for an additional year. The members of the Members in Training Committee are:

  • Dr. Gurpreet Singh-Ranger – NBMS Board Member
  • Marie-Andrée Giroux – NBMS Board Student Representative, CFMNB
  • Dr. Tess Robart – Board Resident Representative
  • Daniel Hanscom – DMNB
  • Jon Nam – DMNB
  • Julie Theriault – Université de Sherbrooke
  • Noémie Basque – Université de Laval
  • Erin Andrew – Memorial University
  • Maxime Prillo – Université de Montréal (pending approval)
  • Vacant position

If you’d like to get involved in Committee work, we currently have openings for Medical Learners on the following committees:

  • Members in Training Committee;
  • Climate Change Task Force (Student or Resident); and
  • Diversity and Inclusion Working group (Student or Resident).

Contact Jennifer Scott Harris at for more information.

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Walk with a Future Doc Initiative

A community walking program in Saint John 
Taylor Wilson, DMNB student, Class of 2025 

Walk with a Doc is a community walking program originally started in Ohio by an American cardiologist. The program encourages patients and community members to be more active by inviting them to join in a walk with local health care professionals. Our Saint John chapter started in September 2022 and is unique in that it is led by Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick students, making it a Walk with a Future Doc initiative. In addition to our three dedicated family physicians that attend weekly walks, healthcare providers in the community also promote the program by means of poster advertisement and social prescription.

The group gathers every Tuesday evening from 6-7 pm at the Irving Oil Field House. Sessions begin with a 5-minute health education talk given by one of the students or physicians. The rest of the hour is devoted to a self-paced walk on the indoor track. With the winter season, the program offers a great opportunity to promote active living in a safe and social environment. Thanks to sponsorship from the NBMS and the YMCA of Greater Saint John, this program is FREE and open to all ages and fitness levels.

As part of a Dalhousie University Research in Medicine (RIM) project, participants will also be offered the chance to complete questionnaires to see how participation has impacted their quality of life. Self-reported data will be collected after 12 weeks of participation and will be used to advocate for long-term implementation of the program in our community, as well as its expansion to other parts of the province.

For anyone interested in getting involved or receiving more information on the WWAFD initiative, please contact Taylor Wilson:

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Choosing Wisely STARS

A grassroots student-led campaign 
Julie Atkinson, Project Specialist, NBMS 

Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) is the national voice for reducing unnecessary tests and treatments in health care. Choosing Wisely New Brunswick (CWNB) is the provincial sector that is led by the NBMS in collaboration with allied health partners across the province to inspire and engage health-care professionals to take leadership in reducing unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures.

CWNB is committed to engaging medical students and residents across the province. Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship (STARS) is a grassroots student-led campaign with the goal of changing the culture of medical education by addressing behaviours that can lead to unnecessary care. This year’s CWNB STARS ambassadors are Ali Sherazi and Amanda Vandewint from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and Catherine Savoie from the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau Brunswick.

Ali, Amanda and Catherine are planning Choosing Wisely educational sessions for each campus this year and continue to build on the work of past STARS students to advocate for resource stewardship in the curriculum.

To stay connected with Choosing Wisely news and events, click here.

Amanda Vandewint

Ali Sherazi

Catherine Savoie






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MD Financial Management

A guide to loan forgiveness and relief programs for med school students and recent grads

As you embark on your medical career, you may want to explore these options for having a portion of your medical school debt relieved or forgiven through federal and provincial government programs.

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2022 Celebration of Medicine Awards

The New Brunswick Medical Society’s Celebration of Medicine event is held annually to recognize excellence in the medical profession and celebrate the achievements of physicians in New Brunswick.

The recipients include physicians, resident physicians, and students who have made positive contributions to patient care and our profession.

Iype/Wilfred Resident Award

In recognition of outstanding achievement during residency training in New Brunswick

Dr. Robert Dunfield

As a third-year integrated family medicine and emergency medicine resident, Dr. Robert Dunfield plans to establish his practice in his hometown of Sussex. Deeply appreciative of the support he has received during his seven years of medical training in the province, Dr. Dunfield believes “New Brunswick-based medical education is so important to keep forward-thinking, caring individuals in this great province of ours and I look forward to the opportunity to give back to the many programs that have contributed to my development along the way.”

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Dr. Kristina Laevski

Raised in Tide Head, Dr. Kristina Laevski attended medical school at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick (CFMNB), Université de Sherbrooke’s Moncton campus. Since graduating in 2018 she has been pursuing her residency in internal medicine and now in nephrology in Sherbrooke, QC. She says, “I am very proud to have been able to begin my medical studies in my province and to be able to return home to practise my specialty and care for the people of NB.”

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Student Leadership Award

In recognition of students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, commitment, and dedication within and/or outside the medical community.

Rosalie Genest

Rosalie Genest grew up in Lévis, QC before moving to New Brunswick in 2017. She is a medical student at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick (Class of 2023). One of Rosalie’s proudest accomplishments is travelling to Ottawa after being elected to the position of government affairs in her freshman year to advocate for the right to contraception with medical students across Canada. This opportunity to develop collaborative leadership skills and advocate for important issues with Canada’s leaders reinforced her passion for taking action and making a difference in her community.

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Pat Price

Pat Price grew up in Fredericton and is currently attending medical school at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (Class of 2022). Among his proudest accomplishments thus far in his medical learner journey, he lists his first ever central line, his first ever smooth intubation, and the first time he used ultrasound to pick up an unusual diagnosis. A natural leader, Pat created and organized the “Shadow a Health Professional” interprofessional education program in his first year of medical school. This program, developed to increase medical student exposure to non-physician roles in healthcare, was based on the CanMEDS framework and provided students with the opportunity to receive official credits for the IPE program at Dalhousie. As a former registered nurse, Pat recognizes the importance of interprofessional education and collaboration.

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The nomination period for the 2023 Celebration of Medicine awards will begin in January 2023.

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NBMS Wellness

Wellness Support for Medical learners and residents
Meaghan Sibbett, NBMS Wellness Manager

NBMS Wellness offers several programs to support medical learners and residents. The tailored counselling is specific to challenges physicians experience. Medical learners can access individual, relationship, and/or family support from counselling in any New Brunswick community. There is no health without mental health.

The MD4MD program can connect you with a family physician if you do not currently have one.

Sometimes, only another physician can truly understand what you are going through. Our peer support program was created to connect New Brunswick physicians and learners seeking assistance with physician mentors who have experienced challenges where life and medical practice intersect.

For those seeking additional information and support, please contact Meaghan Sibbett, NBMS Wellness manager, at 506-875-6749 or

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Special opportunity for members of the CMA Ambassador Program

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA), MD Financial Management Inc. and Scotiabank together proudly support the International Congress on Academic Medicine (ICAM), taking place Apr. 13–18, 2023, in Quebec City. ICAM is one of several initiatives that comprise our 10-year, $115 million commitment to supporting the medical profession and advancing health in Canada, including providing funding for 25 CMA Ambassadors to attend the conference in person and more to attend virtually.

Medical learners and early-career physicians with an interest in health research and medical education are invited to join the CMA Ambassador Program and tell us why they should be selected to attend ICAM by completing this survey by Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.

Questions? Please email

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