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November 2023 Issue


The Future of Medicine is Bright in New Brunswick

NBMS welcomes first year students to their medical education
Jennifer Scott Harris, Member Engagement Specialist

The NBMS had the pleasure of hosting two receptions for medical learners this Fall. We celebrated the first-year students at Centre de Formation Medical Nouveau-Brunswick (CFMNB) in Moncton on September 7 and the Dalhousie Medicine NB students in Saint John on October 25.

The Future of Medicine receptions are the NBMS’ official welcome to medical education. The events are an opportunity for first- and second-year students to learn about their NBMS membership, meet local physicians and connect with MD Financial/Scotiabank Health+ advisors.

“The Future of Medicine event provided our class with an occasion to connect with both physicians and NBMS staff” said Hirbod Abootalebi, MD candidate, DMNB Class of 2027. “This experience offered us insights into the opportunities and resources available to shape our medical journey.”

First year students received their NBMS neurological kits during the reception from then-President of the NBMS, Dr. Michèle Michaud at the Moncton reception and from incoming President, Dr. Paula Keating at the event in Saint John. “Engaging in meaningful conversations about the future of healthcare in New Brunswick left us inspired and we express our sincere gratitude for the Neurological Kits, which symbolize another milestone in our medical school journey.”

The NBMS will also provide neurological kits to New Brunswick students at the University of Montreal and Université Québec.

First year students at Centre de Formation Medical Nouveau-Brunswick receive their NBMS neurological kits on September 7.

The DMNB MD Class of 2027 receive their NBMS neurological kits on October 25.

The Hon. Minister of Health, Bruce Fitch, attended the reception in Moncton. He welcomed the students and encouraged them to consider staying in New Brunswick post graduation.

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Ambassador Program welcomes students back to the Physician Summit

NBMS hosts medical students and high school students in Edmundston
Jennifer Scott Harris, Member Engagement Specialist

The NBMS had the pleasure of welcoming learners back to the 2023 Physician Summit and Annual General Meeting in Edmundston at the end of September. Twelve medical learners, representing each of the province’s medical programs, attended. The Ambassador Program was expanded this year to include five high school students from the Edmundston region who have shown an interest in a career in healthcare through the Centre of Excellence for Health program.

The Ambassadors kicked off the weekend with a panel discussion on recruitment and retention with representatives from the Department of Health and the Regional Health Authorities. They learned about the Centre of Excellence for Health partnership program and received a presentation on the new Business of Medicine 101 curriculum.

“My experience at the Physician Summit has given me a better understanding of the issues facing physicians in the province.” said David Leblanc, CFMNB Class of 2026. “I was also able to see the possible solutions to challenges and feel this will be very beneficial to me in my future practice. I’m grateful to have had the chance to participate!”

Daneen Dymond, the Center of Excellence for Health Lead, commented “this experiential learning left an indelible mark on the students and the teams at COE Health and NBMS. The students returned to their school, eager to share their newfound knowledge and perspectives.” She also praised the program as a ‘best practice’ model, exemplifying the rich educational experiences that partnerships like COE Health and NBMS can offer.

Not only did the learners appreciate the experience, the physicians in attendance also welcomed the energy and optimism these learners brought to the Physician Summit and AGM. The NBMS hopes to expand the Ambassador program next year to offer this experiential learning to even more medical learners.

Ambassadors from CFMNB and Université Laval with Dr. Darren Martin

Ambassador program participants at the Physician Summit in Edmundston, September 2023

DMNB Ambassadors

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Empowering Future Health-care Professionals

The Centre of Excellence for Health and Future NB Initiative

In a visionary step, New Brunswick’s Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD) has partnered with key players in the health-care sector, including a two-year collaboration with the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS), to launch the Centre of Excellence for Health (COE). This initiative, part of the broader Future NB program, aims to revolutionize K-12 health education by integrating real-world health-care practices.

Future NB: A Bridge Between Education and Employment

Future NB aspires to make New Brunswick a nexus for experiential learning and fruitful student-employer collaboration. A cornerstone of this initiative is to offer every public-school student experiential learning opportunities before graduation, benefiting not just students but also potential employers and educational institutions.

COE Health: A New Paradigm in Health Education

COE Health is leading this educational transformation. By collaborating with organizations like the NBMS, COE Health aims to modernize sector-specific education. The focus is on enriching curriculum delivery through current practices and hands-on learning, preparing students for real-world challenges.

Collaboration and Engagement

COE Health actively collaborates with teachers, schools, and various stakeholders. For the past two years, the COE Health and NBMS have been working hand in hand. A recent highlight was the participation of students from St. Mary’s Academy High School in the NBMS Physician Summit. During the Summit, students engaged in the Ambassador program, interacted with the Members in Training Committee, and participated in a panel discussion on recruitment with Horizon and Vitalité via Zoom. They brainstormed innovative recruitment ideas and gained invaluable insights into the NBMS Wellness program, showcasing the depth and potential of the COE Health and NBMS collaboration.

Positive Impact and Future Prospects

This experiential learning left an indelible mark on the students and the teams at COE Health and NBMS. The students returned to their school, eager to share their newfound knowledge and perspectives. This event serves as a “best practice” model, exemplifying the rich educational experiences that partnerships like COE Health and NBMS can offer. The long-term vision includes expanding these partnerships to include more health-care providers and post-secondary institutions, thereby creating a robust network of educational enrichment.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We warmly invite all physicians across New Brunswick to join us in this transformative journey. Your expertise and mentorship can make a significant difference in shaping the next generation of health-care professionals. To get involved or learn more, visit COE Health website or contact Daneen Dymond, COE Health Lead at

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Courts & Crepes  – Student Wellness in Action

Clerks to the courts!

DMNB’s Fredericton Clerkship site is taking action on student wellness. Dr. Malgorzata Relja, clerkship site director from Fredericton, challenges 3rd year medical students at DMNB and MUN to tennis drills and matches bright and early. Each month the group meets for case presentations and practice exam questions, but these learners warm-up beforehand – mind and body.

During morning (tennis) rounds, Dr. Relja hired a professional tennis coach to get our learners started with the basics and armed them with a few simple drills, before leading them in informal tennis matches aimed at having fun while burning some calories and stress. The simple act of taking learners out of the hospital setting for some morning cardio, non-medical social time, and having fun helped them keep the stresses of clerkship at bay, be more attentive colleagues and ultimately enhanced the learning experience.

After tennis and before clinical cases, our learners make a pit stop at Sweet Belgian Desire for crepes, waffles, and coffee. It’s a morning of true wellness, leaving these learners recharged to take on the challenges ahead.

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MUN Medicine Hills for Humanity

Andrew Doiron and Jillian Murdoch 

Each year, medical students from the MUN Medicine Adventure Sports Club run or hike up the historic Signal Hill Park in St. John’s, NL every day for the month of October in support of a local charity or cause. This year, they were fundraising for a fellow MUN medical student named Kaitlyn, who is currently recovering from a stroke.

“Kaitlyn grew up in a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador, it’s there she developed her passion for helping others. After completing an honours degree in neuroscience, she was accepted into medical school. She worked hard in her studies until her world was turned upside down. Just one week before finishing her first year of medical school, she became a critical care patient herself from a stroke at the age of 24.

She had to re-learn basic functions again like learning how to talk, eat, and sit up unsupported. For anyone that knows her, this challenging climb has not daunted her from signature determination and spirit to conquer the road ahead.

Kaitlyn’s recovery journey is now at a turning point. Kaitlyn has recently travelled from her home province to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a physiotherapy device not available in Newfoundland. Following a one-week successful trial, Kaitlyn is hoping to go back for a longer period of time to further her recovery and will require new adaptive equipment and technologies.

With the exciting possibilities that lie ahead, please consider supporting the rising costs of therapy and new equipment. No matter what amount of support you can provide, it will be profoundly appreciated.”

-Kaitlyn’s Family

This October, the MUN Medicine Adventure Sports Club ran/hiked Signal Hill daily to support Kaitlyn as she continues her recovery. All funds raised were donated to Kaitlyn’s gofundme page.

Fundraiser by Andrew Doiron : MUN Medicine Hills for Humanity (

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Jeremie McIntyre, Medical Services Advisor with Vitalité Health Network

I am happy to take this moment to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Jeremie McIntyre, and I am a Medical Services Advisor within the Vitalité Health Network. It is my privilege to connect with all future physicians of New Brunswick, and I am beyond excited to share my role and vision for the future.

I have been part of the Vitalité Health Network for almost two years. Before occupying my current position, I was a Talent Acquisition Advisor for allied health professions. Thanks to my experience acquired over the last two years, I have had the opportunity to observe the positive impact of health professionals on the lives of patients.

My role as a Medical Services Advisor is very rewarding as I work diligently to identify and recruit current and future physicians who share our commitment to providing high-quality care and making a difference in the communities we serve.

In my role, I focus on building relationships with physicians as well as students and residents from various specialties, understanding their skills while creating a connection to the opportunities available within our organization.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the different opportunities offered within our organization. I look forward to meeting you!

Jeremie McIntyre
Medical Services Advisor
Vitalite Health Network
(506) 566-3870

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For more information, please contact Jennifer Scott Harris, Member Engagement Specialist, at or (506) 871-8904.