Recruitment and Retention Incentives

Congratulations on completing your medical education! We encourage you to review the following incentives before you decide where to open your practice.

  • Resident Bursaries: Residents who meet certain criteria are eligible for bursaries in the amount of $20,000.
  • New Brunswick Tuition Rebate: New Brunswick graduates who pay New Brunswick income tax are eligible for a tax rebate of up to $20,000 (equal to 50 per cent of total eligible tuition costs) against provincial personal income tax payable.

For more information about financial incentives for medical residents studying in New Brunswick, visit: Bursaries for Medical Residents. 

There are additional incentives depending on your field of practice. For more information about physician location incentives, visit: Physician Business Grants and Location Grant for Physician and Grant for Specialists in Designated Fields.

In addition to these incentives, the NBMS and the Province of New Brunswick negotiated a Fee-for-Service Retention Fund as part of the April 1, 2005-March 31, 2008 Fee-for-Service (FFS) contract.