Mentorship Program Application Form (Physician)

We understand that as students and residents journey through their medical education they may have many questions. Who better to answer those questions than someone who has been in their shoes before?

We hope that matching experienced physicians and medical learners creates a great resource for learners to be able to discuss with a mentor topics such as CARMS, starting up a practice, how to cope with the stress of being a physician and more. This one-on-one mentoring from physician to medical learner is intended to foster a relationship of trust and support and encourage medical learners to stay connected to New Brunswick.

With a vision to also promote professionalism and collegiality, the NBMS Mentorship Program is designed to connect practising physicians, residents and medical students based on professional areas of interest, personal and family interests, as well as career stage.

Physicians and medical learners lead busy lives. We believe that a flexible, informal mentorship program will allow participants to determine how best to form meaningful relationships. This could mean meeting for coffee periodically, having dinner, chatting via FaceTime or checking in now and again through text messages.

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