Business of Medicine

Medical school and residency training are great at providing you with excellent medical skills and preparing you for treating patients. However, if you are thinking of opening your own practice you need a different set of skills which include management, human resources and business knowledge. We understand that thinking about starting your own practice can be intimidating. There are many new skills and processes that you need to learn during this stage.

We want to help you address this knowledge gap early. In partnership with the CMA, the NBMS will be hosting introductory workshops about the business of medicine in the two provincial medical schools.

If you are in your residency we will host more in-depth business of medicine workshops to help you acquire the necessary skills to run a successful practice. 

For more information contact Melissa Bates, NBMS Member Engagement Officer. 

If you want to access additional information about how to prepare for opening your own practice, we recommend the many guides and modules available on the CMA website