The NBMS works to ensure that New Brunswickers have timely access to healthcare services. We have undertaken various initiatives to make recommendations to the provincial government on how to improve healthcare and health promotion. 

Specifically for residents and students, we have launched several initiatives in recent years. We surveyed, studied, and submitted a proposal to government on their recent changes to recruitment and retention in the province. We have successfully lobbied to keep the Summer Medical Observership Program after it was cancelled by the government.

We also continue to support residents in their efforts to end the ineffective "billing numbers" system. Finally, we continue to reach out with new initiatives, such as our Electronic Medical Record program, to ensure all learners are prepared for what they will find in New Brunswick practices as they go through their rotations and clerkships.

In addition to making recommendations and lobbying the provincial government, we have taken a leadership role in implementing initiatives to promote healthy living. One called Make Menus Matter was designed to study school cafeteria lunches. Another involved doctors issuing exercise prescriptions to patients. We also sponsor a children’s running program. All of these are small steps that look at the health choices New Brunswickers can make, and the promotion of healthy living. To learn more about our health promotion initiatives click here.