Get involved with the NBMS

Whether you are a first year medical student or in the last year of your residency, you have the opportunity to become active in your professional association.

By becoming involved with the NBMS you can help shape the future of the medical field and the delivery of healthcare in New Brunswick. You can become involved by participating on the Board of Directors as a student or resident representative. This way you can personally be involved in setting the strategic direction of the NBMS and in participating in the design of the services delivery.

You can also become involved in your region through our District Medical Societies. It is never too early in your career to start helping make a difference in improving the lives of New Brunswickers.

We encourage you to learn more and to participate in one of many events throughout the year.

If you are interested in finding more about how to get involved or to learn about upcoming events, please contact Melissa Bates, NBMS Member Engagement Officer.