Statement from New Brunswick’s Doctors on Ellen’s Law

New Brunswick doctors have long been supporters of cycling safety.

This is why we strongly support Ellen’s Law, pushing for legislation for motorists to leave a one metre gap when passing cyclists on the road.

The drive for Ellen’s Law is a legacy of Sussex native Ellen Watters, who sadly passed away from her injuries after being struck on the side of the road while cycling in late December. Ms. Watters was passionate about promoting not only the sport, serving as a positive role model for young athletes, but also advocated safety for cyclists on the road. We hope that her memory is honoured through the enactment of this legislation.

Cycling is an excellent way to stay active and explore our province – in fact, we chose to feature this activity for our Top 3 in 10 campaign launch – but for it to be truly enjoyable and accessible, cycling must be safe and with respect from motorists who share the road.

The New Brunswick Medical Society has advocated in the past for cycling safety by pushing for helmets to be worn by all bikers. We will continue to support legislation which allows New Brunswickers to enjoy outdoor activities and build healthier habits in a safe way.