Statement from New Brunswick’s doctors on the September 26 Cabinet shuffle

New Brunswick’s doctors note the Cabinet shuffle of September 26, 2012. We congratulate the Honourable Ted Flemming on his appointment as Minister of Health. We also look forward to working with the Honourable Dorothy Shephard in her new portfolio of Healthy and Inclusive Communities. We look forward to a collaborative relationship with both new Ministers and welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss how doctors can partner with other decision-makers in the system to execute on the ideas in our submission to government on its next four-year health plan.

We also want to thank the Honourable Madeleine Dubé for her public service in the health portfolio, and look forward to a collaborative relationship as she leads the Department of Social Development. Her leadership on ideas related to primary care renewal, electronic medical records, and healthy living was appreciated by New Brunswick`s doctors. We look forward to maintaining that momentum.