Practising in New Brunswick

Practising in New Brunswick

Physicians looking to set up practice in New Brunswick can check the list of vacancies on the Government of New Brunswick website, which is updated on the first of every month. The province’s two regional health authorities (Horizon Health Network and Vitalité Health Network) are responsible for physician recruitment.

For some specialties, and for positions in certain locations, incentives may be available.

Requirements to Practise

Before becoming a member of the NBMS, physicians wishing to practise in New Brunswick must register with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick.

The College has the primary responsibility for the licensing of New Brunswick physicians, monitoring physician practices, and investigating when a patient files a complaint against a physician.

Registering with the Provincial Health Insurance Plan

In order to be reimbursed for delivering insured health care services, physicians must be assigned a Medicare Billing Number.

The Province of New Brunswick no longer has billing number restrictions on where a physician can practise. An Interim Committee on Physician Resources which includes representation from the NBMS, the Department of Health and both regional health authorities, has the authority to review and approve position in the Province until a formal process is established. The two regional health authorities, through their various physician recruiters, continue to be the first point of contact for physicians wishing to work in New Brunswick.

Remuneration Options

While other methods of remuneration are growing (such as Family Medicine New Brunswick, salary, or alternative funding plans), most New Brunswick physicians are self-employed and derive their revenue from the number of medical services they provide and are therefore Fee-For-Service Office and staff expenses are paid out of the physician’s revenue.

New Brunswick has two regional health authorities.

All community health centres, acute care facilities, and some facilities and clinics providing specialized services are operated by one of New Brunswick’s two health authorities: Horizon Health Network and Vitalité Health Network. Both health authorities are required to provide health services in both French and English.

The Government of New Brunswick offers several incentives to encourage physicians to establish a practice in the province.

Incentives range from bursaries and grants for medical students to business and relocation grants for licensed physicians. Incentives vary depending on the location of practice (urban or rural).

To find out more about physician incentive programs, visit the Office of Physician Recruitment and Retention.

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