Physicians support stronger measures to protect New Brunswickers

The New Brunswick Medical Society supports the stronger measures announced today to protect New Brunswickers from further spread of COVID-19 and increase the vaccination rate in the province. The new measures — including a requirement for proof of vaccination to enter a variety of businesses and to travel into New Brunswick without isolation, among other requirements — should help reduce transmission of the virus and protect vulnerable New Brunswickers. Physicians are deeply concerned about rising case numbers and hospitalization rates across the province, especially those cases among children under 12 who have returned to school and are not yet eligible for vaccination. We must, as a community, do all we can to protect ourselves, our children, and each other. A voluntary return to mask usage in public, washing hands regularly, and avoiding crowds is a small price to pay to further protect each other. We must watch the case counts and routes of transmission closely and be prepared for further action in the weeks to come.

Evidence in New Brunswick and from around the world clearly demonstrates that vaccinations are a safe, effective way of preventing severe outcomes in COVID-19 patients. We strongly encourage any New Brunswicker who has not yet been vaccinated to do so as soon as possible. It is completely normal to have concerns or apprehension about a vaccine. With nearly 6 billion COVID-19 vaccinations given in the past year around the world, their safety and effectiveness are well established. Please speak with your physician, other primary care provider, or pharmacist so that they can answer your questions and help you make an informed decision.

Dr. Jeff Steeves
President, New Brunswick Medical Society