Physicians disappointed with Department of Education and Early Childhood Development decision

Physicians across New Brunswick are concerned that the recent announcement by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development requiring students, staff, and other travellers to avoid public schools and early learning facilities is not rooted in evidence-based public health policy. It has caused confusion and concern among parents, students, educators, and health-care providers and risks placing a strain on an already fragile health system. I believe it requires a public health review and reconsideration.

Decisions pertaining to public health and COVID-19 should be led by the Office of the Chief Medical Officer in consultation with other health and government stakeholders.

I want to encourage citizens to closely monitor and follow the guidance of the Public Health Agency of Canada , New Brunswick’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and their own health-care provider.

The New Brunswick Medical Society urges citizens to practise good hygiene including proper handwashing, coughing and sneezing into tissues or elbows, avoid touching your face, minimize close face-to-face contact with people who appear ill, self isolate if you feel unwell, and regularly cleaning commonly touched surfaces.

Dr. Chris Goodyear, FRCSC
President, New Brunswick Medical Society