Physicians applaud mandatory masks in New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Medical Society applauds yesterday’s announcement by Public Health and government that community masks will be mandatory in public spaces. As we see cases of COVID-19 rising across Canada, we believe a mandatory mask order is an appropriate step to help keep the curve flat in New Brunswick. Despite the relative low number of cases in our province to date and as the recent outbreak of cases has shown us, the pandemic is not over. We must remain diligent in keeping the virus at bay until a vaccine or other treatment is available. When combined with good hygiene and adhering to public health measures including frequent hand washing and physical distancing, masks can help reduce the spread of COVID-19.


We encourage New Brunswickers to continue to follow the guidance of Public Health. We are truly fortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic has not harmed New Brunswick to the degree it has in many other jurisdictions  This is a direct result of good leadership by Public Health and government and the co-operation of citizens. By working together, we can continue to keep the curve flat.


Dr. Jeff Steeves

President, New Brunswick Medical Society