Physician Lounge Improvement Initiative

The physician lounge can play a pivotal role in improving physician wellness and combatting burnout.  A physicians’ lounge is a space within a healthcare facility that is specifically designated for physicians to recharge, connect and collaborate.

These dedicated spaces for physicians contribute to improved morale, increased productivity, and overall well-being through the following ways: 

  • Faster Decision-Making 
  • Enhanced Communication & Collaboration 
  • Reduced Burnout 
  • Improved Morale & Job Satisfaction 
  • Stress Reduction 

To be eligible for funding, all Physician Lounge Projects must: 

  • Align with the objectives of the NBMS Wellness program
  • Projects would be managed by the physician lead group, hospital or partner organization 
  • RHA is committed to matching funds for the project 
  • Include a budget for the Physician Lounge Project 
  • Complete the Physician Lounge Funding Application below

NBMS Wellness would like to partner with the Foundations and/or local hospitals to cost share initiatives that can bring a renewed life to physician lounges. Funding can be awarded for a single project, or a series of smaller initiatives for each hospital. NBMS will match with 1:1 funding for each hospital. A maximum of $120,000 for larger hospitals and $60,000 for smaller hospitals.

If your Physician Lounge Initiative is approved for funding by the NBMS Wellness program, the following requirements must be met: 

  • Submission of a project plan  
  • Confirmation of partnership and matching funding  
  • NBMS must be acknowledged in all promotional materials associated with the Lounge project 
  • Promotion and photographs of the physician lounge must be submitted to the Assistant Manager of Finance at

Physician Lounge Funding Application

The District President is aware and in support of this initiative.(Required)
The President of the Medical Staff Office is aware and in support of this initiative.(Required)

Budget Outline

For those seeking additional information and support, please call Caroline Paquin, Assistant Manager Finance, at (506) 259-5445 or