What services does Medicare cover?

Approximately 70% of the health care services in New Brunswick are paid for through government programs such as Medicare. Patients are responsible for paying the remaining 30% of health care costs.

Medicare covers the largest proportion of insured medical expenses.

What is covered by Medicare?

Visits to your family doctor and specialist, necessary medical procedures, hospital stays, and drugs administered in hospital are all paid for through Medicare.

What is not covered by Medicare?

The cost of prescription drugs, ambulance services, vision care and glasses, and dental care are generally not covered. Patients are responsible for paying for the service provider for these services.

Services not covered by government are called ‘non-insured services’. Examples of non-insured services include but are not limited to:

  • Cosmetic procedures, such as removal of non-cancerous warts, moles, and skin tags
  • Circumcision of newborns
  • Complete medical examinations as part of an annual check-up
  • Examinations, immunizations, diagnostic or other services at the request of any third party for the purposes of employment, travel, emigration or insurance.

Visit New Brunswick Medicare for a more complete list of uninsured services.

Patients are billed directly by physicians for non-insured services. Medicare does not reimburse patients for these services.

If you are unsure about whether Medicare covers the cost of a healthcare service, discuss it with your physician or the healthcare facility.

Other Health-Related Government Programs

Seniors Health Care
Nursing home care, long-term care, and seniors programs fall under the management of the Department of Social Development.

People Living with Disabilities
New Brunswick residents living with disabilities may also be eligible for financial assistance through programs administered by the Department of Social Development.

Prescription Drug Coverage
Senior citizens, people with disabilities, and residents who meet certain income criteria are eligible for prescription drug insurance coverage through the New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program.