Patient Information

New Brunswick’s doctors see 20,000 patients every day. In fact, we see almost every New Brunswicker at least once a year. During our visits, procedures, and consultations, we build a bond with our patients that stands the test of time.

We take our work seriously and with a great sense of responsibility. All doctors in New Brunswick belong to three separate bodies. Physicians are self-regulated, and our body that ensures the quality of your care and handles patient complaints is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick. Doctors are also members of our national professional association, called the Canadian Medical Association. Finally, doctors belong to our provincial division of that national body, which is the New Brunswick Medical Society.

On this section of the website, you’ll find information on how to find a family doctor and how we are remunerated for your care.

In addition to our work advocating for the health of New Brunswickers in the way our health system is structured and in the way we live our lives, we want our patients to receive the best care we can offer. It is our pleasure to serve the people of this great province. That’s why the motto of the New Brunswick Medical Society is “Dedicated to Your Health.”