Partnership with the Centre of Excellence

In today’s era, fostering the next generation of healthcare professionals relies on vital partnerships between educational institutions and industry leaders. One such impactful collaboration exists between the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) and the Centre of Excellence (COE), focusing on guiding high school students with an interest in medicine through mentorship and resources. 

In conjunction with the Department of Early Education and Childhood Development, this program connects high school students with medical learners and practicing physicians. Through this initiative, students interested in medicine gain valuable insights into various medical specialties and the path to becoming a physician. 

The COE serves as a vital link between the education system and industry partners, facilitating connections between students and a range of industries. With the COE Lead and website as central access points, schools have access to a wealth of resources, complemented by a network of contributors and collaborators. 

The NBMS’ partnership with the COE includes two primary components. First, a speaker series featuring esteemed physicians, medical residents, and students offers valuable insights into the medical profession’s diverse paths and specialties. Second, a robust mentorship program pairs medical residents in Moncton with first-year medical students, providing a supportive learning environment. High school students also gain access to NBMS events, offering firsthand exposure to the medical field. 

In essence, the collaboration between NBMS and the COE inspires aspiring medical professionals in New Brunswick. By providing unparalleled mentorship, resources, and real-world experiences, this partnership paves the way for a future generation of compassionate healthcare practitioners, driving towards a brighter, healthier future for all.