New Brunswick’s doctors launch photo series to lead conversation on healthy weights

After hosting a Forum on Healthy Weights and launching a province-wide conversation about how New Brunswickers can be supported to achieve their best health – including an ambitious goal to make the province one of the top three healthiest in 10 years – New Brunswick’s doctors are now continuing the conversation with a photo series sharing the stories of New Brunswickers and the changes they would like to see around them that would make it easier to be healthy.

“By sharing the stories of New Brunswickers, we want to illustrate the wide variety of challenges, and community supports, that exist around the province,” said Dr. John Whelan, President of the New Brunswick Medical Society. “We hope people identify with the stories, and are inspired to think more about their own challenges.”

In a video posted to social media pages last week, the province’s doctors asked New Brunswickers for their ideas about what can be done in their communities that would make it easier to make healthier choices. The video has now been viewed more than 1,200 times, and with nearly 200 submissions and counting, New Brunswickers have much to say on the subject – and no shortage of ideas. Submissions range from requests for better accessibility to active transportation methods, to support for affordable, nutritious food and food preparation education. Every comment contributes to the final goal of 1,000 ideas.

“We are blown away by the response we’ve had to our request,” said Dr. Whelan. “It’s clear that many New Brunswickers are well aware of what is preventing them from being as healthy as they would like to be.”

The photo series will run for two months, sharing the stories of New Brunswickers around the province and their thoughts on what could be done to improve the health of the province’s residents. Among those included in the series are Saint John’s Randy Hatfield, Executive Director of the Human Development Council; Fredericton Mayor Mike O’Brien; and Miramichi philanthropist Judy Losier. At the series conclusion, all submitted ideas will be compiled into a document and presented to government, providing suggestions direct from New Brunswickers about what changes are most needed in their communities.

“So much emphasis is placed on the individual in determining their own health, but it’s important to acknowledge the role that a person’s environment also plays,” said Dr. Whelan.

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