New Brunswick’s doctors await Alward Government’s response

New Brunswick’s doctors are waiting on the Alward Government’s response to our letter. We believe most New Brunswickers would expect the Alward Government to speak to us directly, rather than have doctors learn what the government thinks from the headlines. This continues to prove our point that doctors have great difficulty trusting the Alward Government, which would rather speak to the media than to us.

Rest assured that doctors would like to resolve this matter as soon as possible, but we’ll stand up for patient care. The Alward Government still threatens a cap on patient services, but capping care is something you do when you don’t have a real plan. Putting patients first means dealing with the tough issues in a collaborative way, which is what doctors continue to offer; it’s hard to do that without a partner we can trust.

Robert Desjardins, MD FRCPC
President, New Brunswick Medical Society