New Brunswick Medical Society President visits Campbellton

The recently-elected President of the New Brunswick Medical Society visited with a number of physicians from the Restigouche region on Tuesday night as part of his tour around New Brunswick.  

“Campbellton was the first stop on my trip around the province as the new President of the Medical Society,” said Dr Haddad, a family doctor from Miramichi. “We discussed building a relationship with the new government, our work on reducing obesity, and the implementation of the electronic medical records project.”

The President of the Restigouche District Medical Society, urologist Dr. Dharm Singh, highlighted the importance of the visit to local physicians.

“It was the best turnout we’ve had in many years,” he said. “Restigouche is an important region, as we deliver many health services on behalf of the broader northeast corner of the province.”

He also cited the relationship the District has been building with the local Member of the Legislative Assembly, Donald Arseneault. Mr. Arseneault recently became the Minister for Energy and Mines in the provincial government but was the former Health Critic, where he became well-versed on many health issues.

Both Drs Haddad and Singh thanked Dr Vona MacMillan for her years of service to the region and to the province as the Restigouche District Medical Society President and the region’s Board of Directors representative to the provincial Medical Society.

“It’s through leaders like Dr MacMillan, who is an excellent physician and a community leader, that we will keep improving health care and the health of our patients,” said Dr Haddad. “We look forward to working with Dr Singh and I am confident the region is well-served by these physicians.”

Founded in 1867, the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) is the professional association representing all physicians in New Brunswick. Its twin goals are to represent and serve physicians, and advocate for the health of New Brunswickers.

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Anthony Knight, CEO of the New Brunswick Medical Society, Dr. Dharm Singh, and Dr. Camille Haddad, Medical Society President, met with members of the Restigouche District Medical Society on Tuesday as part of Dr. Haddad’s presidential tour around New Brunswick.