NBMS Awards

NBMS Order of Merit

The NBMS Order of Merit is the Society’s highest award. It was instituted in 1980. The award recognizes NBMS members who have made an outstanding commitment and contribution to the profession.

2022Dr. Cristin Muecke
2021Dr. Les Allaby
2020Dr. Brian Craig
2019Dr. Paul Cloutier
2018Dr. Jeanne McNeill
2017Dr. Rody Canning

Dr. Garfield Moffatt Award

The award was originally presented in 1983 to permanently honour the memory of Dr. Garfield Moffatt who practiced Internal Medicine in Fredericton. This award recognizes excellence in patient care, a profound interest in continuing medical education, a commitment to the education of the patient and other members of the health team, outstanding community leadership and service and a devotion to the quality of family life and the joy of living.

2022Dr. Sarah Gander
2021Dr. Michael Chandra
2020Dr. Rachel Ouellette
2019Dr. Sharon Northorp (posthumously)
2018Dr. Mike Johnston
2017Dr. W. Brian Wheelock

Dr. Donald Morgan Service Award

This award was created in 2005 and implemented at the 2007 inaugural Celebration of Medicine to honour the memory of Dr. Donald Morgan, a Fredericton Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. Dr. Morgan was a Past President of the Medical Society and a founding member and first Chair of the Society’s Health Care Committee. This award recognizes outstanding contribution in areas such as community education & wellness or research in health promotion, or community humanitarian service.

2022Dr. Ross Thomas
2021Dr. Christian Adam
2020Dr. Wei Wang
2019Dr. Duncan Webster
2018Dr. Margot Burnell
2017Dr. Susan Crouse

Dr. William F. Roberts Political Action Award

This award is named after Dr. William F. Roberts in recognition of his election to the Provincial Legislature from 1917 to 1925 and again from 1935 to 1938. Dr. Roberts was appointed as the first Minister of Health in the British Commonwealth. Dr. Roberts also served a term as President of the Medical Society in 1920-21. This award recognizes the contributions made by a physician who has made a commitment to public service through election to either the Provincial Legislature or the Federal House of Commons or to a non-elected member who has been or continues to be politically active.

2022Dr. Thomas Barry
2016Dr. Michael Barry
2015Dr. James Parrott
2011Dr. Ed Doherty

Iype/Wilfred Resident Award

The NBMS celebrates excellence in medicine at all stages of the medical profession. The Iype/Wilfred Resident Award is awarded to residents who have demonstrated outstanding achievements during their residency training in New Brunswick. More specifically this award recognizes achievements in research, professionalism, compassion and caring.

2022Dr. Robert Dunfield & Dr. Kristina Laevski
2021Dr. Meagan Blacquière & Dr. Devon Webster
2020Dr. Janique Allain & Dr. Laura Faulkner
2019Dr. Alexandra Saunders & Dr. Rajiv Teeluck
2018Dr. Kavish Chandra, Dr. Brandyn Chase & Dr. Sylvie Roberge
2017Dr. Isabelle Cormier & Dr. Jaclyn LeBlanc

Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership Award is awarded to students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, commitment and dedication within and/or outside the medical community.

2022Rosalie Genest & Pat Price
2021Marika Sénèchal & Kathleen MacMillan
2020Jacob Michaud & Nguyet Nguyen
2019Jessica Dobson & Pier-Maude Lanteigne
2018Antoine Béland & Victoria Januszkiewicz

Canadian Medical Association Honorary Membership

CMA Honorary Membership is awarded to any member of the Association in good standing for the immediately preceding ten (10) year period who has attained the age of sixty-five. CMA Honorary Members recognizes distinction in medicine, science, the humanities or in service to their professional association.

2022Dr. Sean Dolan, Dr. C. William Goodine & Dr. Christopher O'Brien
2021Dr. Margot Burnell, Dr. Colin Lockhart & Dr. Louise Thibault
2020Dr. David Bewick, Dr. Edouard Hendriks & Dr. Michael Perley
2019Dr. Rody Canning, Dr. Thomas Goulding & Dr. Réjean Savoie
2018Dr. Brian Craig, Dr. Beatriz Sainz & Dr. Renée Turcotte
2017Dr. Robert Desjardins, Dr. Gerry Maloney & Dr. Ed Schollenberg

NBMS Life Membership

Life Membership is awarded to Ordinary and/or Retired members who have reached 70 years of age and have 25 years of service in New Brunswick. Election of members for Life Membership in the New Brunswick Medical Society is made by the Board of Directors. These elected members shall not be required to pay an annual fee.

The nomination period for the 2023 Celebration of Medicine awards will begin in January 2023.