NBMS applauds end of billing numbers

The New Brunswick Medical Society applauds the provincial government’s announcement today to end the billing number system for family physicians and specialists as of Dec. 15. The billing number system has not proven effective in recruiting physicians to any region of the province, rural or urban, and its restrictive nature has actually proven to deter some physicians from practising in New Brunswick. The NBMS has long advocated for the elimination of billing numbers, and we are encouraged that government has followed up on our recommendation. We believe this significant change and a more robust physician resource plan will signal to interested physicians that New Brunswick is a great place to set up a practice. We look forward to working with the Department of Health and regional health authorities to enhance physician recruitment and retention across all areas of New Brunswick.

Dr. Serge Melanson, president, NBMS
For more information, click here: www.bit.ly/2nvSZfN