NBMS applauds Council on Aging announcement

New Brunswick doctors are congratulating the New Brunswick government for establishing a Council on Aging, with the mandate to develop an aging strategy for the province. The Council will be co-chaired by Ken McGeorge, interim executive director of the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick, and Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, associate professor of nursing in the Faculty of Health Sciences and Community Services at the Université de Moncton.

Among the seventeen members are Dr. Ian MacDonald and Dr. Sanjay Siddhartha. Dr. MacDonald is a retired Fredericton-area physician. During his career, he was highly involved in seniors care both through his family practice and with the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital. This involvement continues after his retirement; he co-chairs the Capital Area Seniors and Retired Physician Group, which plays an active role in seniors’ issues. Dr. Siddhartha is an experienced psychiatrist based in Miramichi. He is well-known and respected in the community and has worked with the New Brunswick Psychiatrists’ Association on health policy issues for several years.

“I would like to congratulate Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Siddhartha on their appointment to the Council,” said Dr. John Whelan, President of the New Brunswick Medical Society. “I am confident that their experience and knowledge will greatly benefit the important work that this group will be addressing.” 

The NBMS has a storied history of advocating for seniors, including co-hosting a national Roundtable on Seniors Care in September 2015, which highlighted the need for a national senior’s strategy, as well as a plan for Alternate Level of Care patients. 

“Our past involvement in senior’s issues has informed government decisions and brought important issues to light,” continued Dr. Whelan. “I look forward to continuing this relationship with the Council, and presenting our work stemming from the Seniors Care Roundtable early in the meeting process.”

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