Provincial EMR Funding Agreement

On March 23rd, the New Brunswick Medical Society and the provincial government announced a two-year, $2.8 million funding agreement for the Provincial EMR.

Under the agreement, numerous new incentives have been introduced to encourage New Brunswick physicians to adopt the Provincial EMR including:

  • A subsidy of up to $2,500 towards the $4,000 one-time program costs of implementing the Provincial EMR. The earlier physicians sign-up, the larger the subsidy;
  • A 1% increase effective April 1, 2018 and further 1% increase effective April 1, 2019 to the value of all code 1 office visits paid to physicians using the Provincial EMR.

To support the goal of universal adoption of the Provincial EMR, new physicians will be required to adopt the Provincial EMR as they establish their practice. This approach is consistent with the expectation of the vast majority of new-to-practice physicians.

Furthermore, the agreement also provides for salaried physicians to implement the Provincial EMR (if appropriate for their specialty), with the goal of universal adoption throughout both Horizon and Vitalité.

The Agreement also includes government funding to the New Brunswick Medical Society to enhance Provincial EMR functionality for both doctors and patients.

You can view the full agreement here.

This agreement is ground-breaking in terms of allowing the NBMS to ensure that the Provincial EMR is developed to its full potential.


What is the subsidy?

The NBMS has secured funding from the provincial government to offer one-time financial subsidies for physicians to implement the Provincial EMR. The earlier physicians sign-up, the larger the subsidy;

These are:

  • $2,500 for those who enroll between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018;
  • $2,000 for those who enroll between January 2019 and March 31, 2019;
  • $1,000 for those who enroll between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020, contingent upon an extension of this funding agreement.

Coupled with these and multiple other funding streams, the net cost of the Provincial EMR for the physician is a one-time fee $1,500 in 2018, which includes the Provincial EMR software and license, customised for the physician’s clinic and workflow. It also includes an assessment of the clinic, orientation, and 4.5 day of in-person training.

Velante’s 2018 Rate Card is available here.

How does the Code 1 incentive work?

This incentive is available to all fee-for-service family physicians billing through the Provincial EMR. This will be paid retroactively to the physician once the next fee distribution is complete.

These physicians will receive a 1% increase effective April 1, 2018, increasing to 2% as of April 1, 2019, to the value of all code 1 office visits paid to physicians using the Provincial EMR.

Who is considered an eligible physician?

An eligible physician:

  • Practices medicine as an individual or a professional corporation, alone or with other physicians;
  • Holds a valid certificate of registration as an individual or professional corporation issued by the New Brunswick College of Physicians and Surgeons;
  • Intends to manage and maintain medical records for their patients;
  • Is a community-based physician (i.e., not based only in a hospital or other institution that has its own government-operated medical records system, but predominantly working from their own practice location), being either a family physician or a specialist;
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of medical records for their patients, and the records are not maintained on an information technology system provided by a publicly-managed organization such as a hospital or nursing home;
  • Is remunerated by New Brunswick Medicare.

When will new physicians to New Brunswick be required to implement the Provincial EMR?

This change is effective April 1, 2018.

I don’t think the EMR would work in my practice. Can I get exempted?

Velante staff are always happy to chat with you and connect you with others in your specialty who are using the Provincial EMR.

Remember, the Provincial EMR is not a requirement for most physicians. However, new to practice physicians and salaried physicians can request a review and be granted a formal exemption if, in the Provincial Electronic Medical Record’s Medical Advisory Committee’s (MAC) opinion, the physician:

  • Has successfully explained why they do not meet a requirement above;
  • Intends to retire within five years, and is over the age of fifty;
  • Will work in a specialty group other than family medicine, but other local group members do not use the Provincial EMR;
  • Practices in a geographic area where internet access is of insufficient quality to appropriately operate the Provincial EMR;
  • Uses information technology demonstrably more appropriate to their particular specialty, which is used by many members of their specialty in Canada, and which charts and duplicates much of the existing technology of the Provincial EMR; and/or
  • For such other reasons as may be agreed to by the Provincial EMR Steering Committee, as determined throughout the life of the Agreement.

I currently use another EMR. Am I eligible for these incentives?

Absolutely. Furthermore, physicians currently using Practice Solutions, MedOffice/Ofys, Nightingale or Wolf can have patient data converted to the Provincial EMR at no cost. If you are currently using another Legacy EMR, your will receive a further $3,000 subsidy to assist with costs associated with transferring patient data into the Provincial EMR.

I already use the Provincial EMR. Can I receive these incentives retroactively?

Those who have implemented the Provincial EMR after January 1st, 2018 are eligible to receive these incentives retroactively.

Do these incentives apply for doctors joining Family Medicine New Brunswick?

As the Provincial EMR is already provided free-of-charge for those joining Family Medicine New Brunswick, these incentives do not apply.

Who do I talk to if I am interested in learning more about the Provincial EMR?

We would be happy to hear from you and answer your questions. You can speak with Velante’s Customer Care Manager, Jeff Britton, by phone at (506) 260-6771 or by email

Have a question we didn’t cover here? Please email Velante at