Care First

Care First

Care First was a plan released in Fall 2013 containing a number of our suggestions for improving health care in New Brunswick. In many ways, improving our system would also improve its sustainability. For us, it starts with focusing on who we’re here for and why we should care. It’s about Care First

Care First focuses on four themes and the specific steps we need to take – right now. We need to fix primary care, by using electronic medical records and ending billing numbers that prevent doctors from working where patients need them. We need to fix wait times, by paying hospitals differently and providing seniors with better options for care. We need to listen to front line professionals by involving them in decision-making throughout the system, rather than keeping them out. And most importantly, we need to focus on the health of New Brunswickers, to move from a sick care system to a health system.

To hear more of our thoughts, you can find us on Facebook. You can see our posters in doctors' offices province-wide. We hope you will join us and remind everyone what we need to do to improve our health and our health system: Care First.