Family Medicine New Brunswick

A Different Approach to Family Medicine in New Brunswick

Every New Brunswicker should have access to a family doctor – even after hours. That’s why we’ve developed a new way of delivering family medicine in New Brunswick.

Family Medicine New Brunswick was developed by doctors in consultation with patients and other health-care professionals. The new approach will lead to improved patient access to care and enhanced chronic disease prevention – the most significant cost driver in health care today.

FMNB is a new, collaborative way of practicing that will:

  • Improve the recruitment of young family doctors
  • Provide New Brunswickers with better access to family doctors, including after hours
  • Help give family doctors more time for patient care

How does it work?

FMNB brings the best of what’s working well across the country and around the world to New Brunswick, and tailors it to reflect our unique needs.

The approach is based simply on increased collaboration among family doctors who wish to participate. More teamwork – combined with New Brunswick Medical Society support– will allow doctors more time for patient care.

Key principles of the Program:

  • Doctors working with the program are encouraged to see patients more quickly.
  • Participating clinics will be open extended hours, including weekend hours.
  • If a patient's doctor is unavailable, they will be able to see a different physician with full access to their medical record and history.
  • Patients formally sign up with their family doctor and become a rostered patient.
  • Patients may be able to email or call their doctor with questions when appropriate.

The success of Family Medicine New Brunswick has the potential to strengthen the entire health-care system.

What will be different for patients?

This Program is voluntary for doctors. If your family doctor is not part of this Program, your level of access and your relationship with your family doctor will not change.

If your doctor has decided to work with this Program, a few things may change.

  • Your doctor will work as part of a team. If they aren’t able to see you quickly because of other commitments, other doctors working with them have access to your electronic medical record, which contains all relevant information about your current medications and allergies. The doctor who sees you will be able to chart your visit right in your own medical record. (You still can wait to see your own family doctor if you do not want to see anyone else, but you will wait until they are available).
  • Your doctor’s group will participate in evening and weekend hours. You will be able to see a member of the group in designated time slots that will be set up by your doctor, usually during weeknights and one period over the weekend.
  • You will be asked to formally enrol with your doctor for your medical care. This means you will have a ‘medical home,’ and you are expected to visit your family doctor for routine medical visits.
  • Your doctor may increasingly involve other health professionals in your care, depending on your needs. This usually involves nursing professionals, who are experts in chronic disease management, patient education, and many other elements of health care.
  • If your doctor participates in this Program, some things may change in the way you receive care. Instead of physically visiting your doctor every time you need their help, you may be able to call or email them.

Watch the video below for more information.

Is my family doctor participating?

If your doctor is participating, you will receive a variety of information from your doctor’s office. 

Why do I have to enrol with my doctor?

Your doctor may want to be part of this Program for several different reasons. They want to provide care to you faster, and through different methods – like over the phone, instead of seeing you in person for a visit every time.

Some patients are worried about signing a form which commits them to a specific doctor. While most patients in New Brunswick who have the option want to enrol with their doctor, some do not.

Unfortunately, your doctor cannot offer their suite of services – like access to other members of their team for after-hours care – to patients who have not enrolled with them.

Talk to your doctor about the benefits to you, and what signing this form means for your relationship.

How do I get a family doctor?

Family doctors choose to be a part of this Program, and the decision is theirs to make. If you are looking for a family doctor in general, please visit this website

More Information

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Participating Doctors


  • Dr. Stéphane Paulin
  • Dr. Tim Snell
  • Dr. Kristen Brown
  • Dr. Maryse Tadros

Saint John

  • Dr. Gordon Hollway
  • Dr. Tracey Gallant
  • Dr. Joshua Tracey
  • Dr. Elizabeth Carson
  • Dr. Lyndsey MacDonald
  • Dr. Taryn O'Neill
  • Dr. Ben Knight


  • Dr. Will Stymiest
  • Dr. Katelyn Stymiest
  • Dr. Sheldon Wood
  • Dr. Jamila Belhadjsalah
  • Dr. Justin Parker
  • Dr. Ryan Brennan
  • Dr. Kyle Gillis
  • Dr. Brittany Gillis
  • Dr. Matthew Vandenberg
  • Dr. Kara Allan
  • Dr. Katelyn MacDonald
  • Dr. Nancy Kang
  • Dr. Ross Kenney
  • Dr. Kyle McCann

Fredericton Junction

  • Dr. John Richardson
  • Dr. Andrew Richardson


  • Dr. Eric Levasseur
  • Dr. Kim Pettigrew
  • Dr. Janik Côté-Bérubé
  • Dr. Michèle Michaud
  • Dr. Natacha Dion
  • Dr. Karine Bouchard
  • Dr. Jessica Martin
  • Dr. Emilie Corriveau
  • Dr. Caroline Couturier
  • Dr. Fidèle Pentwala


  • Dr. Rose Anne Goodine
  • Dr. Katie Goodine
  • Dr. Michael Chandra
  • Dr. Allison Boyle
  • Dr. Brandon Kelly