Winter Tires

The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) encourages drivers to choose winter tires over all-seasons. With only one in five drivers in Atlantic Canada not using winter tires, New Brunswick’s physicians feel it is important to promote their use.

Every winter, emergency rooms see an increase in patients injured in weather-related accidents. New Brunswickers can limit the number of accidents this winter by equipping their vehicles with appropriate winter tires and by driving safely during winter weather.

Many New Brunswickers believe all-seasons are a suitable substitute for winter tires, however, research shows this is not the case. New Brunswick winters are harsh and drivers should be equipping their vehicles appropriately.

The benefits of using winter tires are clear. They help reduce braking distance on cold, wet, and ice and snow-covered roads by offering to 50% more cold-weather traction than all-season tires. Furthermore, the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada reports that winter tires outperform all-season and summer tires at temperatures of 7°C or lower.

A 2016 Ipsos survey revealed that three in 10 Canadians do not install winter tires on their vehicles during the winter months (two in 10 in Atlantic Canada). While younger drivers are more likely to install winter tires, only 72 per cent of those aged 35-54 and 65 per cent of those over the age of 55 install them.

It only takes one vehicle without winter tires to cause an accident. Keep yourself, your passengers, and other drivers safe this winter by using winter tires.   

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