A Healthier NB: This is my One Change

If you could make one change that would make it easier for New Brunswickers to be healthy, what would it be?

That’s the question we asked New Brunswickers around the province. We wanted to find out what barriers exist that prevent people from making healthy choices, and what can be done to fix them.

There are many reasons why New Brunswickers aren’t as healthy as they’d like to be. The high cost of nutritious food, a lack of exercise facilities and active transportation options, and a lack of food preparation education are just some of the reasons we’ve heard. The good news is, for every barrier, there is a solution – things like community gardens, greater awareness of active transportation in city planning, and mandatory home economics classes in schools. While not every solution can be implemented quickly or easily, it can be done – as long as we, as a province, make it a priority.

We believe New Brunswick can be one of the top 3 healthiest provinces in 10 years. We imagine a province that supports its citizens to achieve their best health.

Here, you’ll find the stories of New Brunswickers from around the province. Their perspectives may vary, but they all believe that the right support can help people make healthier choices. This is their One Change. 

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