Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm planning a kids race alongside the marathon/adult race I am organising. Is my children’s race eligible for Medical Society support?

The Medical Society partners with Run New Brunswick on all children and youth races affiliated with their events. To determine if your event is eligible, contact Jim Johnson at

2. What support does the NBMS provide as part of the Small Strides, Healthy Lives Program? 

The Medical Society provides each event with enough medals and bibs for children and youth who attend the race, according to the numbers expected by race organisers.

3. Who do I contact to get NBMS bibs and medals at my race? 

To determine if your event is eligible for bibs and medals, or if you know your event is eligible and would like to coordinate logistics around the drop-offs of medals, please contact Jim Johnson with RunNB at

4. Who will be handing out the NBMS bibs and medals on race day? 

We appreciate the assistance of race organisers to let us know when and where the medal presentation occurs on race day. If we know in advance, we often try to arrange a physician in the local area to hand out the medals - many children enjoy seeing their family’s doctor, or a specialist in their local hospital, in the community. To ask for a physician presenter at your event, please email Aleisha Bosch with the Medical Society at . Please note that this is not a requirement and you are welcome to select your own medal presenter for your event. 

5. What does the Medical Society expect in return for its sponsorship of children's races? 

Smiling and active kids and parents! If you have photos of the event, we would love to have them, but only if any permissions required are obtained as per the rules of the race organiser.

6. Where can I see a list of upcoming RunNB races? 

Please visit the RunNB website for a full list of races, including dates and locations.