RX for Reading

New Brunswick Medical Society and Elementary Literacy Friends have partnered to promote reading throughout physician’s offices in New Brunswick. The RX for Reading program provides free prescription pads to physicians throughout New Brunswick, which encourage parents to read to or with their child for at least 20 minutes every day.

The Public Health Agency of Canada finds Canadians with low literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed and poor, to suffer poorer health and a shorter lifespan than Canadians with high levels of literacy.

A child who reads 20 minutes per day starting in kindergarten will have read for the equivalent of 60 school days by the time they graduate. This is a massive advantage over a child who reads for only five minutes per day, which would total only 12 school days over the length of their education. Studies show that children who read for 20 minutes per day score in the 90th percentile of their class, while those who read for five minutes per day score in the 50th percentile.

When reading with your child, follow these simple guidelines to let the child have an interactive experience.

  • Sit comfortably together so you can both see each other and the book;
  • Be expressive to hold your child’s attention;
  • Engage your child in the reading by asking him/her questions about the story (“Oh no, what happened to the boy?”) and by extending and expand their responses (“Yes, you’re right, the boy fell in the mud-- ouch!”);
  • Pause often to allow your child to absorb the story;
  • Let the children predict what happens next;
  • Smile and have fun; make reading a regular activity in your home!
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Physicians: Request RX for Reading Prescriptions Pads here. (Also available in the Provincial EMR through the Velante User Portal.)