Legal Not Safe: Recreational Marijuana

In less than a year, marijuana will be legally available in New Brunswick and throughout Canada. In advance of legalization, the New Brunswick Medical Society is launching a new public education campaign to highlight the health risks that come with consuming marijuana.

New Brunswick’s doctors are concerned that the health risks that come with using marijuana are being forgotten in the rush to find a new source of tax revenue.

The simple fact is legalization does not make marijuana safe.

Like tobacco and alcohol, marijuana use can lead to negative health impacts. People in New Brunswick will have the choice to consume marijuana legally, but it is important they understand these risks. It is also important government consider health risks as they roll out regulations for marijuana’s sale.

 "It's Your Choice" Campaign

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 The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

In June, the New Brunswick Medical Society released its report on issues related to legalization of marijuana in New Brunswick. It included a series of recommendations on minimizing the harm caused by marijuana, including where and how it should be sold, testing for impaired drivers, a balanced consideration of marijuana’s economic impact, education campaigns directed at youth and the age of legal purchase.