Ban the Tan

New Brunswick's doctors were one of the groups behind an active lobbying effort to impose restrictions on operators of artificial ultraviolet tanning salons. We feel passionately about this issue because of the clear, proven increased risk for skin cancer associated with tanning, and particularly this form of indoor artificial tanning.

We wanted a ban to ensure that youth could not access tanning salons; to impose restrictions so no one can falsely advertise that tanning is "healthy;" and to ensure that there are penalties and enforcement associated with breaking a law to this effect.

Our work on this file included a policy paper, opinion pieces in the press, news releases, letters, and more. This law passed in the spring of 2013.

New Brunswick doctors say ban the tan - This is our paper on the risks associated with indoor artificial ultraviolet tanning, particularly for youth. It explains the background on why we chose this issue for action.

Attention, south-bound New Brunswickers! - This is a sample opinion piece in the paper that coincided with Spring Break season in 2013. It urges New Brunswickers to be aware of the dangers of too much sun - and also references our effort to "ban the tan."

NBMS and Canadian Cancer Society call for legislation banning youth from using tanning beds - This was our first press release on this issue in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, who have been a long advocate for increased protection from risky behaviour like tanning.

New Brunswick’s doctors recognise new Bill banning underage tanning - The NBMS was vocal in its support of the first Bill introduced in the Legislature and its impacts. We studied it carefully and supported it wholeheartedly.

New Brunswick’s doctors applaud the passage of new law on indoor tanning - This is our announcement and congratulations to the elected politicians who passed this law. Doctors can do much for our patients, but prevention sometimes is in other hands. We were pleased to have the support of the Legislature.