Don't Put Your Health on Hold

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) launched  Don’t Put Your Health on Hold, a campaign encouraging New Brunswickers, especially those with chronic or acute conditions and other medical issues, to seek health care from their  physicians when required.

Family physicians across the province remain  available for non-urgent and non-COVID-19 health concerns like managing chronic conditions, injuries, follow-ups and test results, prescription renewals, and other illnesses.

A dedicated Don’t Put Your Health on Hold website was launched to answer questions and educate New Brunswickers on the benefits of virtual care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many New Brunswickers apprehensively shifted from in-person appointments to virtual care through telephone or video-chat consultations. Virtual care appointments provide physicians with the ability to discuss health care issues with their patients convenient healthcare delivery for their patients.

In May 2020, the NBMS conducted a survey that polled 400 New Brunswickers across the province. The survey concluded that:

  • 77 per cent of respondents support having virtual care even after the pandemic ends;
  • four in 10 New Brunswickers have had a virtual care appointment during the pandemic, with more than 90 per cent of those patients expressing satisfaction with the experience;
  • of those who had a virtual care appointment, nine in 10 expressed satisfaction (with 65 per cent indicating complete satisfaction), while under one in 10 expressed dissatisfaction (7 per cent).