COVID-19 Resources

Wellness Resources For Physicians

NBMS Wellness is here to support you and your family in the current climate surrounding COVID-19. We understand that this is a period of exceptional challenge and may heighten the risk of physician burnout and anxiety (among other challenges). The following resources are intended to help support physicians’ already established self-care routines. They are intended to provide gentle suggestions and ideas, not as a substitute for other support if needed. All NBMS programs will continue to offer support during this time over the phone or through videoconferencing.

Mindfulness Lessons by Dr. Shiona McIntosh

Mindful MDs: Mindfulness tools to help build resilience

NBMS Wellness is offering a free online mindfulness workshop for all physicians. Hosted by Dr. Shiona McIntosh, a family physician in Fredericton, these four videos explores how mindfulness cultivates an increased level of self awareness, self regulation, and self compassion that can be used to find balance within your everyday life.

Dealing With Crap at Work – Lessons From the Farm by Dr. Amber Swan

“Storytelling is a well-established, ancient way of communicating ideas effectively. This humorous compilation of anecdotes from the farm promotes thought regarding strategies to help with current workplace stress.  It subtly highlights the importance of networking, strategizing, and creative problem solving.  It accomplishes this through a unique, narrative experience.”

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Recognizing the Signs of Burnout

These are general tips, not necessarily specific to current societal and working conditions. However, they contain information and skills that may be helpful in managing anxiety related the to COVID-19 pandemic.

Anxiety Canada
Government of Canada: Mental Health – Anxiety Disorders
Harvard Health: Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

For those seeking additional information and support, please call Meaghan Sibbett, NBMS Wellness manager, at (506) 875-6749 or