Climate Change Initiatives

The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) is committed to combatting climate change and ensuring a healthier future for generations to come through a series of proactive environmental initiatives.  

With a pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2025, the NBMS has implemented transformative measures to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes transitioning to paperless operations, promoting remote work opportunities, and undergoing external building modifications.  

In conjunction with internal efforts, the NBMS also engages in a variety of public-facing climate change campaigns. These include initiatives like the Tick-Borne Disease Awareness, the Park Prescription (PARx) program, and the environmental impact of MDI (Metered Dose Inhalers).  

The NBMS has also been supporting physicians in making their clinics more environmentally friendly, empowering them to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing resources and guidance, the NBMS enables physicians to adopt sustainable practices.  

At the system level, the NBMS is advocating for the establishment of Sustainable Development Committees within the two regional health authorities. Through collaboration and advocacy, the NBMS aims to integrate sustainability into healthcare systems and effect lasting change. 

The NBMS is dedicated to ongoing advocacy and active participation in climate change initiatives. By continuing to promote awareness, foster collaboration, and drive action, the NBMS will play a vital role in advancing sustainability and working towards a healthier environment for all New Brunswickers.