Children’s running program has record-breaking year

FREDERICTON (NB) – More than 2,600 children participated in “Small Strides, Healthy Lives”, the New Brunswick Medical Society’s & RunNB’s  popular children’s running program during the 2013 road racing season.

“Every year, the number of children participating in our kids’ races keeps growing and this year was no different, “said Brian Richard, President of RunNB and president of the Miramichi River Runners. “This program is specifically designed to encourage our youth to get healthy and active. We had 100 more children participating in a race this year compared to 2012.

Entitled “Small Strides, Healthy Lives”, the kids program sponsored by the New Brunswick Medical Society is geared towards youth participation in road races during the RunNB road racing season.

“Doctors are thrilled to be able to support the development of healthy habits in our youngest patients,” said Dr Lynn Hansen, President of the New Brunswick Medical Society. “Children are getting a medal, parents are taking pictures, and it’s wonderful for us to help spark a child’s lifelong passion for exercise. Our whole province benefits from the health of our youth.”

Children 14 years of age and under are encouraged to participate in children’s races throughout the season. Race directors of sanctioned RunNB races are supported to hold events for children at distances of one to three kilometres.

Participating children in RunNB sanctioned races receive a race bib and finisher medal supplied free of charge through the new partnership agreement between RunNB and the New Brunswick Medical Society.

CONTACTS: Brian Richard, RunNB President, (506) 622-7280; Aleisha Bosch, Policy and Communications, New Brunswick Medical Society, (506) 458-8860 Ext. 633