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The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) submitted its concerns and recommendations regarding the recent changes to Policy 713 to the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate consultation process. These [Read More...]
The NBMS supports and recognizes this government’s focus on increasing access to primary health-care services for New Brunswickers. Given the shortage of health human resources in the province, it is [Read More...]
The New Brunswick Medical Society applauds the adoption of amendments to the Human Tissue Gift Act that will make every individual 19 years and up organ and tissue donors unless [Read More...]
The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. René Boudreau as the Society’s new CEO. Mr. Boudreau’s 20 years of combined experience at [Read More...]
The New Brunswick Medical Society is pleased to learn the provincial government will be making significant investments in health care, including improving primary care access, developing and supporting collaborative care [Read More...]
The NBMS recognizes and values the important role nurse practitioners play in providing primary care to patients. Their role in the system is vital and we support increasing the number [Read More...]
FREDERICTON – With COVID-19 case counts rising once again, the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) is launching a public awareness campaign to remind everyone that the virus is still very [Read More...]
Health care professionals in New Brunswick are under serious strain. The aftermath of COVID-19 has left many physicians and our colleagues dealing with severe burnout and exhaustion as we try [Read More...]