Anti-Tobacco and Vaping

Tobacco and vaping products continue to create serious health problems for New Brunswickers young and old. While the cigarette usage in adults throughout the province is declining, the prevalence of youth smoking is on the rise. The new phenomenon of vaping is also growing in the province. 

According to the latest New Brunswick Wellness Survey, the percentage of youth in grades six to 12 who have experimented with smoking cigarettes is 16 percent, while 24.7 percent have experimented with vaping. These figures have seen a significant increase over the past two years. 

The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) has joined Smoke & Vape Free NB in its efforts to reduce tobacco use throughout the province. The NBMS also recognizes National Non-Smoking Week and highlights it each year through our social media channels. 

In light of more recent challenges regarding vaping and electronic cigarettes, the NBMS has partnered with stakeholders on a Provincial Vaping Working Group. Through this work, the NBMS has advocated for legislative changes including the ban on the sale of flavored vaping products and the implementation of a tax on vaping products, both of which have been successful. Additionally, the NBMS continues to advocate for increasing the age of sale of vaping products to 21.  

The well-being of patients is extremely important to the NBMS and physicians across the province. By encouraging a smoke-free province and lobbying for vaping and e-cigarette regulations, we can work together to create a healthier New Brunswick. 

To find out more information on Smoke & Vape Free NB and the work they support, please visit their website: