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Staff Contact Information

Members are encouraged to contact the staff of the NBMS, Family Medicine New Brunswick or Velante should you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your practice. 

Chief Executive Officer's Office

Oversees all initiatives of the NBMS and its affiliated organizations and partnerships.

Anthony Knight
Chief Executive Officer                                       
(506) 462-4670

Department of Negotiations and Physician Compensation

Oversees all matters related to the Physician Services Master Agreement with the Province of New Brunswick 

John Maher
Chief of Negotiations and Physician Compensation
(506) 462-4622
Tim Ross
Manager, Economics & Negotiations
(506) 462-4674
Ryan Campbell
Senior Economics Officer
(506) 462-4678
Samantha Hachey
Economics Officer
(506) 462-4629

Department of Physician and Patient Engagement

Oversees efforts to engage physicians to enhance the health of New Brunswickers and effectively lead change in the health system.

Nora Lacey
Chief of Physician and Patient Engagement          
(506) 462-4671  
Marcelle Saulnier
Communications Manager
(506) 462-4649

Eric Lewis
Communications Specialist
(506) 238-5645
Jacki Currie
Member Services Coordinator
(506) 462-4620

Andie McDonald
Campaign Manager
(506) 462-4626

Mariliz Parent
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
(506) 262-4675

Chief Operating Officer's Office

Oversees overall business operations, including all physician-facing services and Velante.

Lisa LePage
Chief Operating Officer                                      
(506) 458-8863
Sandra Hunter
Manager, Administration & Finance
(506) 462-4630
Jennifer Merrithew
Assistant Manager, Finance
(506) 458-8872
Tina Roussel-Bernier
Programs Coordinator
(506) 462-4621
Helen Jamer
Accounting Coordinator
(506) 462-4673  |
Michelle Harrison
Administrative Assistant 
(506) 462-4632
Melissa Grandmaison
Administrative Assistant
(506) 462-4631

Family Medicine New Brunswick

Oversees Family Medicine New Brunswick

Bruno de Passille
Acting Director, Family Medicine New Brunswick
Business Improvement Specialist
(506) 462-4633

Natalie Lapointe
Business Improvement Specialist
(506) 647-7565


Raphaël Albert
Physician Recruitment Specialist
(506) 227-8649


Velante was established by the New Brunswick Medical Society to support the 2012 launch of an Electronic Medical Pecord (EMR) program and provide the implementation, technology and infrastructure services that would bring EMR to the province’s physicians. 

Velante has three lines of business that support the Provincial EMR:

1. Customer Care – Implementations and user training
2. Operations Support – Helpdesk and technical support for users
3. Solution Delivery – Enhancements and integrations between the EMR and Provincial systems

Karen Stephens
Managing Director, Velante
(506) 470-6586

NBMS Wellness

NBMS Wellness provides support to physicians and their families coping with the demands of practice, relationships, addiction, and other life challenges.

Meaghan Sibbett
Director, NBMS Wellness