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NBMS concerned about privatization of Cannabis NB

“The NBMS is concerned that the provincial government intends to privatize the sale of cannabis in New Brunswick and would like to participate in any discussions between government and a potential future private retailer. While we understand the financial challenges government is facing, it is important that government policy put public safety at the forefront of all decisions regarding the sale of cannabis. While it may be legal, that does not mean cannabis is safe. Excessive consumption of cannabis can cause rapid heart rate, anxiety, and vomiting. More serious cases can lead to psychotic episodes and seizures. It can be especially dangerous for those under 25 and can lead to long-lasting damage to the brain. We continue to urge the public to speak with their health-care provider and be informed of the risks if they are considering using cannabis. We ask government to keep public education, health, and safety at the centre of all discussions regarding cannabis sales.”

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