Primary Care Reform

The right care. The right time. The right place.

On August 8, 2012, the President of the New Brunswick Medical Society participated in a major announcement about primary care renewal, calling it “good news for patients”. Dr Robert Rae welcomed the plan for renewing the delivery of primary care proposed by the Honourable Madeleine Dubé, Minister of Health.

"New Brunswick’s doctors are leaders in offering patient-focused solutions to renew primary care," said Dr. Rae. "It’s clear that the Minister has listened to our ideas, and this plan is good news for patients," said Dr. Rae.

The Minister has indicated her agreement with the foundational principles put forward by doctors, including her agreement that every New Brunswicker needs timely access to a family physician, and that patients benefit from team-based care providers who work together to meet the needs of patients.

The Medical Society has advocated for physicians and other health professionals to have a larger role in the planning of primary care changes. Physicians will be key players in the design and implementation of coming changes. 

The Medical Society is also pleased to be the major driver of a new partnership with the provincial government, which will be tasked with the delivery of electronic medical records to doctors around the province. Adoption of electronic medical records is proven to provide better quality outcomes for patients, help providers communicate better as a team, and enhance system sustainability.

NBMS Principles for Primary Care

Primary care is the foundation of our healthcare system. Good primary care can improve the health status of our population, drive down long term health costs, and improve the quality and duration of our lives.

The NBMS believes that our primary health care system must change to reflect the following principles:

  • Patients benefit from primary care delivered by a team of inter-disciplinary health care professionals who work together to meet the individual needs of the patient
  • Primary health care, like all health care, should be evidence-based and patient-focused
  • Good primary care includes preventative care and quality patient education
  • Every patient should have a personal family physician
  • Patients deserve timely access to primary care, delivered in an appropriate setting
  • Communities are unique--  delivery of primary health care must be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the community
  • Primary healthcare teams should be linked by access to high quality electronic medical records

New Brunswick’s doctors are working together with government and other health care providers to make changes necessary to improve primary care delivery.

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