President's Profile

2014-2015 President of the New Brunswick Medical Society

Dr Camille Haddad, MD 
Family Doctor 

Dr Camille Haddad is passionate about his patients.

“I like getting to know patients and being part of their lives,” said Dr Haddad. “It’s getting to know the patient and the person, and not just the disease, that’s quite satisfying.”

He and his family moved to Canada from Lebanon around 40 years ago. He received his medical degree from Dalhousie University, graduating in 1990. He completed one year as an internal medicine resident before spending a year in Miramichi working in family medicine, where he found his true calling and his wife, Dawn.

He has worked as a family doctor in Miramichi since 1992, both in his own practice and at the Atlantic Institution in Renous. He also serves as Medical Director of the Methadone Program at both the Atlantic Institution and the New Brunswick Women’s Correctional Centre, and as a methadone provider at the Miramichi Addiction Recovery Clinic.

“At the methadone clinic, you see the benefit of it when people go back to work, so that’s quite satisfying,” said Dr Haddad. “You see a change in people’s lives for the better.”

Dr Haddad holds an appointment as a Lecturer in the Department of Family Medicine at Dalhousie University. He is also a Preceptor for the Nurse Practitioner Program of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick. He has been involved with the New Brunswick Medical Society since 2007, serving as a member of the Board of Directors in various roles. He is also a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society.

Dr Haddad maintains a flourishing garden of tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, onions, zucchini and lettuce, which often find their way into the international foods he likes to cook. He enjoys reading and golfing, and finds time for an annual golf trip to Prince Edward Island with friends. He also referees volleyball, which brings him to games around the province.

He lives with his wife in Miramichi.