About Us

New Brunswick Medical Society

Founded in 1867, the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) is the professional association representing all physicians in New Brunswick. It is a provincial division of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA).

Salus populi suprema lex

The health of New Brunswick residents is the top priority for New Brunswick’s physicians. We are proud of our long history of patient advocacy and health policy development.

Since 1867, our role has evolved to include additional organizational priorities:

  • Improving physician health and quality of work life.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of physician resources to meet the health needs of New Brunswick residents.
  • Helping to create a unified medical profession.
  • Advocating for a patient-centered approach to the provision of quality care.
  • Recognizing the practice of medicine as an autonomous self-licensing and self-regulating profession.
  • Ensuring adequate patient access to health care services.
  • Protecting continued access to private practice.
  • Building a practice environment that is attractive to the next generation.

All physicians practicing in New Brunswick must be registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick and be members of the NBMS.